Teeth whitening

The difference between a pretty smile and a wonderful smile lies in the colour of teeth. There are a few reasons of teeth discolouration. Teeth stains may appear during some abnormal development of teeth. They may be also caused by former long-lasting therapy with the use of antibiotics (eg. tetracycline).

Some people have generally darker teeth by nature. With age, teeth usually darken as a result of drinking coffee, tea and smoking. Old, imperfect tooth fillings or pulp injuries may affect the colour of the teeth as well. It is currently possible to bleach the stains without the risk of damaging the teeth. Thanks to the advanced technology applied in BEYOND system we are able to clean the surface as well as the inner structure of a tooth. The whitening treatment is conducted during only laser one appointment and takes 30-40 minutes. The “cold light’ technology is perfectly safe and does not cause any irritation of the nerve tissue. The whitening preparation, based on water ingredients, does not damage the teeth and their enamel.

The process involves coating the teeth with tooth whitening preparation, that contains hydrogen peroxide and 20 manometer silicon dioxide. The formula is then activated be BEYOND Whitening Accelerator’s light. BEYOND uses the 480 to 520 manometers wavelength, high-intensity blue light of the Whitening Accelerator lamp. The results – whiter and shining teeth – is visible as early as after 30-40 minutes.

In order to achieve the best possible result, the patient undergoes professional teeth cleaning (scaling and sandblasting) before the whitening treatment.